K5 Content Management System

Kwik-Az Updating Update your website from a browser and more!

Kwik-Az Updating is the FREE* Content Management System provided by Go Kiwi Internet (New Zealand's Original Web Developers)

Kwik-Az Updating Release 5.0 (K5) is: Kwik-Az Screen Shot

Stunningly fast

You simply can't get faster than a program running on your own computer. K5 has no downloads to get started so is many times times faster than most web-based management tools!

Amazingly easy-to-use

Simply download the program, login, type your text and save. It can't get easier than that! We have even provided a "paint-by-numbers" Online Training Manual to show you how to use it.

Extremely powerful

Add as many pages as you like. Upload as many images, files and documents as you like. At last, with K5 you can be in almost full control of your website! You can even make changes to the settings of one page without affecting the rest of the website, or have a different banner on a particular page.

K5 Screen Shot

Safe and Secure

K5's built-in file uploads with ultra high security discourages hacking attacks. You can make a page Secure enabling people to send credit card details in perfect safety. Online backups of your website can be managed by YOU. Backups can be automatically emailed to you for total peace-of-mind security. Clever "save" option to keep copies of your Work In Progress, without uploading to your live website.


  • K5 is packed with clever and helpful features that you'll love!
  • One click image insertion.
  • Automatic email obfuscation so that your email is hidden from robot scrapers.
  • Colour coding of HTML tags with automatic, as-you-type syntax checking.
  • One-click Find and Replace.
  • Quick Preview button.
  • Smart file naming that prevents broken links.
  • Multiple file uploads.
  • Search-Engine-Friendly "out of the box".
  • One button automatic list and table creation.
  • Over a dozen layout controls and five menu layouts.
  • Fully customised page layouts and much more.
K5 is a power user or web developers' dream to use!

* Standard hosting and DNS charges apply from the hosting provider, Go Kiwi Internet. There are charges on a time-basis for upgrading existing Kwik-Az customers, however monthly charges remain the same for the present time.

Download Kwik-Az Updating